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Anne Armstrong.jpeg

Anne Armstrong

PhD 2022

Assistant Professor

Human Geography

Worcester State University

Philip Silva.jpeg

Philip Silva

PhD 2017

Director of Learning

National Recreation and Park Association

Yue Li profile.jpg

Yue Li

PhD 2017

Assistant Professor

Educational Sustainability

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Keith Tidball.jpeg

Keith Tidball

PhD 2012

Assistant Director

Cornell Cooperative Extension

Senior Extension Associate

Natural Resources and the Environment

Cornell University

Lilly Briggs, FCEA.jpeg

Lilly Briggs

PhD 2016

Founder and Director

Finca Cántaros Environmental Association

San Vito de Coto Brus, Costa Rica


Olivia Aguilar

PhD 2009

Leslie and Sarah Miller Director of

the Miller Worley Center for the Environment

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies
Mount Holyoke College


Xoco Shinbrot.jpeg

Xoco A. Shinbrot

Postdoctoral Fellow 2019-2021

Science Policy Fellow 

Conservation Social Science
National Science Foundation

Office of Polar Programs, Arctic Division

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