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Linking Place, Social Identity, and Positive Youth Development in Urban Environmental Stewardship


This project seeks to understand the underlying social dynamics of environmental stewardship that may promote a positive social identity and lay the groundwork for collaboration both within specific groups and across broader stewardship networks.


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Current project

To do this, I am collaborating with Bronx-based positive youth development organization Rocking the Boat. 

Rocking the Boat is located right on the Bronx River and engages Bronx youth in boat building, sailing, and environmental stewardship. 


  1. What are the aspects of Rocking the Boat's environment program that promote a group identity among adolescents?

  2. How do activities such as water quality monitoring and bird watching affect youth’s social place identities?

boat yard.jpg
  • Single case study

  • Semi-structured interviews

  • Participant observation,

  • Group interviews with youth and with staff

  • Mind-mapping activities 

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