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Civic Ecology Lab studies the interactions, including feedbacks, among four components of a social-ecological system:

  • community-based environmental stewardship (civic ecology practice);

  • education and learning situated in these practices;

  • the people and institutions involved; and

  • the ecosystem services produced by the people, their stewardship, and educational practices.


Civic Ecology Lab builds bridges between environmental stewardship, learning, and social-ecological systems resilience.


Civic Ecology Lab is a dynamic hub for action and engaged scholarship to understand and support humans stewarding nature and communities under challenging conditions.​

Marianne E. Krasny serves as Director of the Civic Ecology Lab. Together with Keith G. Tidball, she founded the lab in 2008. Our early engaged scholarship was in community gardening and tree planting in cities, including after Hurricane Katrina and 9/11. Drawing on these roots in urban and disaster-impacted communities, our current research and public engagement focus on the grand challenges of climate change, ocean plastics, urban agriculture, and equitable access to learning.


To meet our commitment to addressing these challenges, we facilitate online learning, networking, and action experiences for global audiences. We publish books and articles for academics, practitioners, and the public; our co-authors include practitioners and academics from over 90 countries and many of our publications are available open access online.