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Civic Ecology:

Ibero-American Experience

May 28, 2020


Eastern Time (time in New York)

What is civic ecology, and how is it applied in the Ibero-American context? In this panel session, experts from several Latino countries will explore how civic ecology can be integrated in stewardship and environmental education. This session is open for anyone to attend via zoom. Participation is free, registration is required.

Panelists will speak from the perspectives of several countries.

Discussions, presentations and conversations will be in Spanish.

Puerto Rico

Melanie Quinones Santiago 

Environmental Scientist 

Cornell University Graduate Student, Department of Natural Resources 

and Member of the Cornell University Civic Ecology Lab 



Juan Felipe Restrepo Mesa 

Marine Biologist and Specialist in management of educational institutions and Master in Business Administration.

Head of Knowledge Management and Coordinator of Environmental Education, of the Montessori School of Cartagena

Dominican Republic

Elena Dominguez Contreras

Early childhood education teacher, researcher, and project leader.

Cornell University Graduate Student, Department of Natural Resources 

Member of the Cornell University Civic Ecology Lab 


Graciela Salaberri

Expert in Operational Synoptic Meteorology, specialized in Comprehensive Risk and Disaster Management, Local Development Management and Comprehensive Management of Water Resources.

Member of the Civil Society, President of the NGO Amigos del Viento.



Bethany Jorgensen

Co-coordinator of the international research network Marine Science For Society

Cornell University PhD candidate, Department of Natural Resources

Member of the Civic Ecology Lab



Camila Saldias

 Biologist with mention in environment,
Diploma in Preparation and Evaluation of Projects, University of Chile.
Coordinator of the Mahuida Park Environmental Education Center, Santiago.
Project Leader, Guardians of the Andes against Climate Change.
Special interest and experience in biocultural conservation.
Collaborator of the Subantarctic Biocultural Conservation Program

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