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Learn more and register for the Climate Advocacy course

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Registration for the panel is open.


 Online Courses (Public audiences)


 For credit courses (Cornell and extra-mural students)

Civic Ecology Lab offers online courses, on-campus courses, webinars, and networking opportunities for sustainability, education, youth and community development, climate change, and other environmental professionals and volunteers of all incomes and nationalities. We also conduct research to understand equitable models for online sustainability education and networking. Civic Ecology Lab online courses integrate content, social interactions, project-based learning, and action.

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We believe that education should be accessible for all people regardless of where they live or how much they earn. Equal access to our courses increases the diversity of learners and perspectives, which benefits all. We strive to accommodate people with varying access to web technologies and differing incomes.


Taking actions for the public good and sustainability is at the heart of our teaching philosophy. Our courses are designed to help practitioners reflect on their theory of change, improve their educational and stewardship programs, and contribute to the resilience of their communities.

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We believe in applying current research to address social/environmental problems. Our lectures, readings, and assignments incorporate state-of-the art research; contemporary approaches to learning, resilience and sustainability; and discussions to prompt critical thinking.

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Social learning

Learning is effective when you explore ideas alongside others whose experiences differ from your own. We promote social learning among our course participants through discussions on the course edX platform, social media, and webinars, and through small groups who take the course together.

Professional network

Global networking opportunities are available to our online course participants. Hundreds of participants from many countries enroll in any one course. Our course participants stay connected through social media. You will expand your professional network and learn new ideas from people around the world.

Accessible instructors

Our instructors and technical staff include faculty, research associates, and graduate students from the US, China, Russia, and Latin America. We enjoy interacting with our course participants from around the world. Meet our team.


My experiences with Cornell University online courses such as Global Environmental Education, Civic Ecology, and my Fellowship on Climate Change have had life changing effects for me. I am now connected to many people all over the world with similar interests and goals.  My Cornell University courses are the best and have improved my life both personally and professionally!

— Gail Woon, EARTHCARE, The Bahamas

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