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Urban Agriculture in Upstate NY:

Addressing Educational Inequality

and Community Engagement

Urban residents in upstate New York experience various social injustices, including unequal educational opportunities. At the same time, urban agriculture can play an important role in formal and non-formal education. In this online panel, we will discuss and create new approaches to enhance educational opportunities for city residents through urban agriculture education in schools and communities. 


Panelists will address how urban agriculture education can:

  • Engage communities and youth,

  • Promote social capital and other key benefits,

  • Combat existing inequalities in communities,

  • Advance culturally relevant curricula.

Maggie Gaus.JPG

Maggie Gaus

Ithaca, NY

Panel Moderator

Cornell University

Scott Kellogg.jpg

Scott Kellogg

Albany, NY

Education Director

Radix Ecological Sustainability Center

Lori Koenick.jpg

Lori Koenick

Rochester, NY

4-H Educator

Cornell Cooperative Extension


Jeanette Koncikowski

Buffalo / Niagara Falls, NY

Executive Director, Grassroots Gardens WNY

Jessi Lyons.jpg

Jessi Lyons

Syracuse, NY

Brady Farm Coordinator, and Syracuse-Onondaga Food Systems Alliance Board Member

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panel diagram.png


  • This panel is funded by Engaged Cornell's Serve in Place program.

  • Thank you to Mark Penhollow, Patty Love, Rae Gomes, Iyeshima Harris, Sophia McRae, Allison Hyman, Edgar Santa Cruz, and Brandy Colebrook for valuable recommendations and resources.

  • Special thanks to Alex Kudryavtsev, Research Associate, Cornell University for advising and consulting on this project.

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