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Climate Connections

Climate Initiatives


Civic Ecology Lab Marianne Krasny published In This Together: Connecting with Your Community to Combat the Climate Crisis in March 2023. This general audience book, with cartoons by former New Yorker cartoonist Emily Hopkins, is available in audio, eBook, and paperback format


Together with Cornell students, Cornell Cooperative Extension and community partners, we work on the following initiatives to address the climate crisis:

Food Systems and Climate Crisis Webinar series (winter-spring 2023). Presenters share multiple ways in which Cornell is addressing the climate crisis, from plant-rich diet to dairy management to alt-proteins. 


Food and Farm. We focus on plant-powered eating while providing links to other ways of reducing food emissions, including innovative farming practices and new plant-based foods. 


Climate Action Now. We create educational actions and Action Parties for the Climate Action Now app.


Network Climate Action. Students in our Climate Solutions undergraduate course and our Network Climate Action global online course choose a climate action—like plant-rich diet, composting, or raising money for a women’s health NGO—and persuade their close network of family and friends to take the action alongside them. 


Publications. Reports and journal articles on topics ranging from elders engagement in climate advocacy to urban agriculture, and a new book --- In this Together: Connecting with Your Community to Combat the Climate Crisis—to be released in March 2023. 

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Undergraduate Courses for Cornell students

  • Climate Solutions

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