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Storytelling Q&A 

Presenter: Matt Scott, Project Drawdown

Meet Matt Scott, who centers storytelling and engagement to evolve awareness, attitudes, and action at Project Drawdown. During this Q&A webinar, Matt will answer your questions about using storytelling in your own work in climate change and beyond. 


As Manager of Storytelling & Engagement, Matt Scott focuses on passing the mic to those who often go unheard in the climate space. Before joining Project Drawdown, Matt served as global community director and storyteller of the world’s largest global hackathon, NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge, engaging 100,000+ people in 150+ countries to create out-of-this-world solutions. While building what’s been called the U.S. government’s largest citizen diplomacy initiative, he also worked alongside organizations like the Australian Government, Pivotal Ventures by Melinda Gates, USAID, the United Nations, Nike, Walmart, and the Obama White House to center inclusive stories and drive action within the impact ecosystem worldwide. Through his digital storytelling career, Scott has reached nearly half a billion people with insights and inspiration.

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